Oversight EP

By: Nik Feral
Release date: 01/08/2016
1 - Oversight Original Mix (6:35) Nik Feral
2 - Access Original Mix (6:19) Nik Feral

Oversight EP

A Two Track Debut Techno EP on Layer 909 from talented Manchester producer Nik Feral.

Unlike Feral’s usual high energy, dark and mysterious sound of the techno world, Nik has hit home from his Smugglersrun days aboard the high seas of Manchester’s canals, aboard the party boat, bringing two outrageously good Techno tracks to the fro.

The first track ‘Oversight’ is full of darkness and drive with its thumping kick, undertone bass and chugging groove. Topped off nicely with snapping layers of hats and cool shakers that throw you from side to side.
As soon this track ignites, a cool panning vocal and an industrial metallic Esq synth swirl together endorsing a moving Techno machine vibe that marches relentless through the track.

Track 2 is another heavy loaded jackathon of a track ‘Access LFO’ that compromises jacking Techno beats and crunched up sharp percussion hits.
The lead synth gears up slowly and gets you sucked straight back to 2 big drops that explode right back into the groove after two mind twisting breakdowns.