Release date: 26/11/2018
1 - Medusa Original Mix (6:26) Rich Venom
2 - Medusa Lowerzone Remix (6:35) Rich Venom
3 - Octane Original Mix (6:48) Rich Venom
4 - Octane Peppelino Remix (7:34) Rich Venom


Rich Venom delivers this driving force with the double track EP Medusa.

The title track Medusa is sure to make the audience dance to these rumbling basslines and well put percussive elements. This is a perfect track for the late hours.

Lowerzone put his vision and sauce on his Medusa Remix. With driving snares and hypnotic synths he created another edge to the original.

Octane (Original Mix) has that nice rumbling bass that is both felt and heard through your veins. The deep sounds that make the track are sure to draw the audience into a state of trance. That Layer909 synth you can expect from Layer909 is in it and makes the track even more stand out.

The Peppelino Remix of Octane makes it more bigroom techno. The classical hands in the air will certainly happen when playing his version. Faster, harder… just how we love it!