Keeping Me Awake

Release date: 10/06/2019
1. Keeping Me Awake (Original Mix)
2. The Light (Original Mix)

Keeping Me Awake

We are super proud to showcase here at Layer 909 a rising star in the Techno scene right now, Ilona.
And very excited to sign her debut release with this awesome double tracker.
It’s written in stone this ultra creative artist will go on to make a lot of noise in the Techno scene throughout 2019 and beyond, we are certain.

We first saw Ilona perform live last year, and we were amazed by the quality of own productions. Combining hardware and CDJ’s Ilona has her own way of getting people into that hypnotic state we all love in Techno.

Keeping Me Awake –
909 rhythms and percussive grooves, meet hypnotising vocals… this is techno that’s grooving.

The Light –
A percussive lead beauty that will launch your mind into the atmospherical bliss. Charged funky rhythms and an addictive , punchy Techno kick. We predict this will be popular across many playlists this summer.
Beware of those spoken words… they might kidnap your mind!