By: Rodrick
Release date: 22/04/2019
1. Generate
2. Cynical
3. Intellectual
4. The Great Escape


Dutch Techno master Rodrick did it again! He delivers 4 tracks that each could deserve their own EP and attention. Rodrick’s tracks make you feel like you are in the middle of the warehouse where pumping techno is felt in your chest.

Generate, the title track of this EP, is filled with dark percussions that will make your techno blood run through your veins. The techno stabs make you feel like you are back in the raving days.

Cynical, track 2, is driven by perfectly placed snares and vocal snippets that will get you in that hypnotised mood.

Intellectual, track 3, is perfect for the midparty vibe, between rough and rougher, with a vocal that will get everybody move on the dance floor. Rodrick style all the way!

The Great Escape, track 4, has a more melodic feel to it. With deep and evolving, hypnotising synths and percussion.

This EP by Rodrick is one you would buy on vinyl if you had to carry it in your crates!