9 People

By: Phutek
Release date: 16/05/2016
1 - 9 People Original Mix (7:32) Phutek
2 - 9 People Zakari&Blange Remix (8:12) Phutek
3- 9 People Urig & Dice Remix (7:11) Phutek

9 People

Absolute classic stand alone Techno Track from label boss Phutek.
Full of energy and drive as you would expect from a man making serious
waves in the Techno World right now.

Heavily supported by Carl Cox last year at Cocoon in the park and Space, Ibiza, this is a personalized track that has a crazy main breakdown, that represents 9 people having a conversation in someones mind.

The intro and outro is full of big cube processed synths that filter and reverb brilliantly that bounce back and forth questioning and answering through a Techno groove that rolls perfectly alongside a tough bass line.

Remix duties we turned to two very talented German artists Zakari&Blange and Urig & Dice.
Both sets of these boys have brilliantly stripped back the big room original and created 2 excellent underground Techno remixes with their own traditional sound stamped good and proper into their cuts.

A Techno release with something for everyone.