We are open to demo’s!

1. First listen to our releases and make sure your tracks actually meet our standards. We strive to showcase a driving Techno sound.
2. Send us a private link to your Soundcloud upload.
3. Make sure to make it downloadable!
4. Don’t send the same link to various people! If we see too many plays we won’t listen to the track(s).
5. Only use this email address to send us the link(s): demo@layer909.com

Give us some time. There is a process of your music going via our A&R team before the final approval by Phutek. Whereas we do try to respond to as many demo’s as possible, unfortunately we can not give an answer to every single one. If you have not heard back from us within 4 weeks this will mean the track(s) is/are not for us.

Then, last but certainly not least, if we sign your track(s) to Layer909:
We are an entity that will do our utmost to market and promote your music on our label in the best ways of today’s industry standards, but we do expect a joint venture of your efforts also to meet us halfway.

We will put within our contract exactly what we need you to do when working with us and when. After all of your hours of hard work making the track we collaborate with you on promotion.
By sending us the link to your track you understand all of the above.

Working with us will not be based on a 1-time experience but we want to welcome you to our family of artists.